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Colombo Calling Tourism

For so many, Sri Lanka is a dream bucket list destination. Exotic yet not overrun by tourists like some neighboring countries. Untouched, rustic beauty, wonderful people, delicious food, and awe-inspiring customs, Sri Lanka is a locale for all sorts of travelers from the luxury beachcomber to the cultural connoisseur, the foodie to the adventure seeker….

The Best Place to Visit in Sri Lanka

Full of romantic landscapes, stirring mountains, lush green tea gardens and golden beaches, the island nation of Sri Lanka is nothing short of magnificent. The country has no shortage of beautiful awe-inspiring spots, natural, historic and cultural, each more picture-perfect than the next.¬†From soulful Buddhist monasteries and temples to exotic and impeccable spots rarely explored,…

What is Sri Lankan Tourism

Sri Lanka is the best place to visit in the world because we have peace and security. We have hotels around the country and infrastructure development is happening at a rapid scale. Tourism should benefit all the people in the country. It should not be confined to the people or businesses in the hospitality industry,…

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