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Full of romantic landscapes, stirring mountains, lush green tea gardens and golden beaches, the island nation of Sri Lanka is nothing short of magnificent. The country has no shortage of beautiful awe-inspiring spots, natural, historic and cultural, each more picture perfect than the next. From soulful Buddhist monasteries and temples to exotic and impeccable spots rarely explored, Sri Lanka offers everything that makes your escape a memorable one! Whether traveling with your significant other or planning a vacay with your family, Sri Lanka won’t disappoint you!

Take a trip to these most beautiful places in Sri Lanka and you would find it difficult to leave back home. Read on to know the most beautiful experiences of Sri Lanka that includes astounding places and popular attractions. 

38 Most Beautiful Places In Sri Lanka 2020

While you’re planning your next vacay to this serene country, scroll down to know where all you can head for an amazing trip with your friends and family. Make sure you cover all the must-have experiences at these beautiful places in Sri Lanka! The following are the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka, one must not miss out on while holidaying in this serene and rich cultured island located amidst the lush-greenery. 


For so many, Sri Lanka is a dream, bucket list destination. Exotic yet not overrun by tourists like some neighboring countries. Untouched, rustic beauty, wonderful people, delicious food and awe inspiring customs, Sri Lanka is a locale for all sorts of travelers from the luxury beachcomber to the cultural connoisseur, the foodie to the adventure seeker. I had the wonderful opportunity to experience so much of what the country has to offer, it will take me several posts to cover it all!

Colombo has a plethora of unique and historic sites and getting around is quite easy. Be it a taxi, tuk tuk or private driver, getting around town is no problem. The top things to do on your Colombo city tour are:

Tourism Attraction

Sri Lanka attracts tourists for many reasons out of which Tourism is a major reason. Being Sri Lanka attracts tourists for many reasons out of which Tourism is a major reason. Being naturally appealing as a tourist destination, Sri Lanka is found to be growing with popularity all over the world. If you’re planning on visiting Sri Lanka during this vacation, be amazed of how worthy your trip would be. Take your family to a place where they’ll feel home far away from home.

Major places of interest spread almost all over the Island. Sri Lanka is enriched with plentiful natural and jaw dropping resources around the island. Some of the many attractions one would come across would be the loveliest beaches with golden sands and undiscovered sunsets, national parks and reserves, nature places, ancient cities which were ones ruling and powerful kingdoms, events and festivals, ayurveda treatments and spas, climatic diversity, wildlife, adventures and special interest sports, shopping, authentic Sri Lankan food and classy hotels with incomparable services and unmatched hospitality.

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